Research Retreats Program

An effective method of encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations and multi-institutional research projects is to promote formal and informal meetings. To promote high-impact areas of research and interdisciplinary collaboration, the Research Retreats Program will provide limited financial support (up to $10,000) to researchers and clinicians for a one-day focused Research Retreat with the specific intention of stimulating new collaborations.

Successful retreats will generate ACCEL pilot grant proposals, mentored research development awards applications, and/or future publications. ACCEL pilot project grant proposals that emerge from these retreats are given funding priority. Retreats should be aimed to involve researchers from more than one ACCEL institution. Areas of high important to the ACCEL Program include physical rehabilitation, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, obesity, women’s health and infant mortality.

Funds may be used for conference hosting as well as for travel of guest speakers or participants (e.g., between Delaware and South Carolina). Administrative support for the retreat will be provided.

Due Dates

ACCEL Research Retreat Proposals will be reviewed as they are received. There is no due date. However, the fiscal year for the grant ends June 30th and we will only fund up to four awards each year.


One month following the retreat, a 1-2 page meeting evaluation/statement of accomplishments must be completed. An additional brief report describing what collaborations or proposals emerged from the retreat will be due six months following the retreat.

To Apply

You must have a DE-CTR ACCEL account and be logged-in to apply.


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