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Consulting & Services

Our teams can assist at any stage of research, from inception to dissemination. The ACCEL Program provides an array of services to its members as they investigate ways to improve the quality of research produced in Delaware by facilitating research opportunities and forging beneficial collaborations.

ACCEL Program services are available to researchers, clinicians, and community partners affiliated with the Delaware CTR ACCEL institutions: ChristianaCare Health Systems, Delaware State University, Nemours Children's Hospital, Delaware and the University of Delaware. Services are provided at no cost by experts in their respective fields.

Registering on the ACCEL website provides access to resources, funding mechanisms, and opportunities for collaboration. Only registered users can submit requests for assistance (below); view and submit proposals for funding, including pilot grants and mentored development awards; and search for collaborators.

Need help with clinical research design, epidemiology, or biostatistics?

Our Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Development (BERD) team can help you with the following:

  • Biostatistics/data analysis
  • Data analytical plan for grant proposals
  • Data capture/REDCap
  • Data management
  • Data processing

    • Database development/Access to a database

    • Genomics and bioinformatics

    • Manuscript Preparation

    • National COVID Cohort Collaborative Registry/Access to the data enclave

    • Study design and methodology

Want to identify the community impacted by your research or identify the first steps in engaging community members about your research?

Our Community Engagement & Outreach (CEO) team can help you with the following:

  • Project planning
  • Identifying potential funding
  • Grant, Request for proposal, or Request for application preparation
  • Literature review or search
  • Research plan or protocol
  • Participant recruitment
  • Survey or assessment development
  • Data collection

  • Evaluation
  • Community Engaged Research (CEnR)
  • Qualitative methods (focus groups, interviews, etc.)
  • Engaging community partners
  • Engaging the community with research findings (dissemination)
  • Training providers
  • Implementing advocacy (local, state, and national)

Want to grow your career in research?

Our Professional Development team can help you with the following:

    • Obtaining information about a Mentored Research Development Award from ACCEL

    • Finding a mentor or collaborator

    • Grant Proposal

    • Creating a mentoring plan (required for ACCEL Program funding applications)

    • Creating an individual development plan (required for ACCEL Program funding applications)

    • Finding a peer mentoring group

    • Educational opportunities, including writing courses, Flight School, and various workshops
    • Pitching a resource idea and obtaining feedback

    • Mentor skills development and resources

    • Mentor and mentee assessment tools

    • Presenting a research plan

    • Feedback on a research plan

    • Resolving conflicts with a mentor or mentee