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Advisory Committees

The Internal and External Advisory Committees (IAC/EAC) have provided tremendous advice, support and guidance to the ACCEL Program. It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure all advisory committee recommendations are carefully considered and implemented in alignment with the overall goals of the ACCEL Program. Both the IAC and EAC meet formally twice a year at our Mid-Year Advisory Meeting and at the Annual ACCEL Meeting.

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) directly advises the Community Engagement & Outreach (CEO) Core and provides input for the overall direction of ACCEL. The CAC collaborates with the ACCEL Program to clarify the best approaches to solving health problems, reach people statewide with new research information and build connections for research in the broad community.

The CAC adds value to the Community Engagement & Outreach Core in its mission to engage the community in translational research by simplifying the message from ACCEL to the community; helping ACCEL with circular feedback from the project to the community and back; clarifying and developing a common language; clarifying the process for building trust and sharing power between the academic/medical research community and the broader community; and, helping with overcoming existing barriers in reaching the community. The CAC is involved in clinical research issues in the ACCEL Program’s priority health issues. They review and disseminate information to others in their networks and communities. The CAC works collaboratively with the ACCEL Program to develop approaches to solve problems and advocate for practical application of research.

The Mentoring Oversight Committee (MOC) comprises Professional Development Core faculty, senior faculty from across ACCEL, and rotating mentor champions and Junior Investigators Network (JIN) members from each site. The group meets at least quarterly to review the status of PDC programs, the progress of ACCEL-supported faculty, and plans for further development and refinement of PDC activities.