Funded Studies: Past and Present

The following is a selected group of community engaged research projects that were funded or have funding:

Designing an approach for including youth with disabilities in the Youth Tobacco Survey (ACE Award – Year 2)

Evaluating the Impact of Healthy Food Product Offerings and Tastimals Marketing at the Zoo (ACE Award, Year 3)

Validation of the Pediatric Awareness and Sensory Motor Assessment Involving Academic and Community Investigators (ACE Award – Year 4)

mHealth Tool to Support Assessment of Community-based Mindful Walking in Knee Osteoarthritis (Pilot Year 3)

Utilizing Linking Pharmacy Claims to Understand Primary and Secondary Nonadherence (Pilot Year 4)

Family Psychosocial Care Model for Congenital Heart Disease: A Crowdsourced Study (Pilot Year 4)

A Novel Parent Education Program for Early Intervention (Pilot Year 6)

Characterizing Genetic Risk Through Next Generation Sequencing in the Dover Amish (Pilot Year 6)

Testing Informed Decision Making in Lung Cancer Screening (TIDiL) (Pilot Year 6)

Examining Outcomes and Factors Associated with Substance use Disorder Recovery Among a Community Sample of Individuals Living in Recovery Residences (Pilot Year 6)

Factors affecting the management and outcome of gestational diabetes (Pilot Year 6)

Finite Mixture Modeling of Community Violence Exposures and Health Related Quality of Life (Pilot Year 7)

Peer Mediated Intervention to Improve Chronic Pain Outcomes in Adults with Sickle Cell Disease (Pilot Year 8)

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