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The four institutions in the ACCEL Program currently have a wide array of educational resources to advance the knowledge and training of all levels of researchers. Different tools including SCTR’s Research Toolkit, the PD-Core’s Educational Needs Assessment, courses in research development, and grant preparation education are available for use or may be scheduled as unique calendar events.

We will strive to consolidate, enhance, and grow all of these educational opportunities to meet a variety of needs and will watch and address changes in trends, requirements, and other additional requests. The inclusive nature of our educational program will enable training of a wide range of health care professionals, social scientists, engineers and others through the PD-Core.

Please continue to watch our resource library as our education seminars and webinars will grow to incorporate many areas of interest. Senior mentors and personnel will be presenting on numerous topics including the NIH peer review process, sources and types of funding, and strategies for academic advancement.