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What Is Community Engaged Research?

Community engaged research requires a relationship between community partners and researchers that addresses local health issues through shared power, negotiation, and commitment to finding a solution. By engaging the communities most affected by the research, we will make the research more locally meaningful and impactful.  Funders are increasingly looking for work that includes the community in the research team and emphasizes outcomes that matter to patients and communities.

Community engaged research can:

  • Find solutions for health disparities
  • Invoke social change
  • Improve wellness
  • Address community health concerns
  • Create lasting research partnerships
  • Benefit special interests of specific groups
  • Build the research infrastructure and network in an area

Benefits of Getting Involved

  • Mentorship opportunities and feedback from a Mentoring and Advisory Council of senior researchers
  • Educational tools
    • Access to grant writing help
    • Access to online classes
    • Resources library of seminars and webinars
  • Creation of Individual Development Plans to further develop your career
  • Biostatistical help and practical guidance from experiences researchers
    • Experimental design
    • Statistical analysis
    • Database design
    • Information Technology assistance
    • REDCap tutorials and support
    • Presentations and seminars
  • Grant proposal development
  • Manuscript preparation
  • Connections with others in your field
  • Interaction with community agencies with similar interests