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Services are available to researchers, clinicians, and community partners affiliated with ACCEL DE-CTR institutions. Services are funded through the ACCEL DE-CTR program and are open to all CTR members. Involving the BERD Core during the early stages of study planning is recommended to ensure the highest quality support.

Services in support of ACCEL DE-CTR awards (pilot grants, MRDAs) are considered priority. We recommend applicants for CTR awards consult with the BERD Core prior to submitting an application.

Requests for assistance may be submitted here or by navigating to Tools > Request for Assistance. Please log in to the ACCEL site to access the Request form. If you do not have an ACCEL log in, click the Register link.

Registering on the ACCEL website provides access to resources, funding opportunities, and opportunities for collaboration. Only registered users can access the BERD Request for Assistance; view and submit proposals for funding, including pilot grants and MRDA Awards; and search for collaborators. To register, click here.