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This section focuses on machine learning and the continued development of artificial intelligence to improve healthcare from the practitioner’s office through in-patient care and within data research.

Illuminating the Black Box: Variable Importance Measures for Interpretable Machine Learning Presented by Bethany Wolf, PhD, Medical University of South Carolina, 7/8/21

Machine Learning and Public Health: Data Science Applications for Healthier Communities Presented by Gregory Dobler, PhD, University of Delaware, 11/13/20

Using electronic medical records and machine learning algorithms to predict hospital acquired infection and asymptomatically-infected patients Presented by Jeffrey Rewley, PhD, MS, University of Pennsylvania, 5/29/20

The Usability and Acceptability of a Patient-centered Mobile Health Tracking App Among a Sample of Adult Radiation Oncology Patients Presented by Susan Birkhoff, PhD, RN, University of Pennsylvania, 7/13/18