Health Services Research

This section focuses on research and methods to improve health services under a broad spectrum of experiences from patient experience to healthcare law to hospital management.

The Tobacco Endgame: What would it take for a Complete Ban on Smoking? Presented by Eyal Oren, PhD, Professor, Epidemiology, Professor San Diego State University, 2/16/2023

Radical Welcome in Health Care Settings: Increasing Health Care Utilization & Health Equity Presented by Mary Louise Mitsdarffer, Ph.D, MPH, Center for Community Research & Service, University of Delaware, 1/12/23

Introduction to Mediation Analysis Presented by: Zugui Zhang, PhD, Christiana Care Health System, 11/3/2022

Health Literacy Month Advanced Teach-Back Skills Presented by Greg O’Neill, BSN, RN, CCRN, Christiana Care, 10/13/2022

Maintaining Function and Providing Optimal Care to Older Adults Across Healthcare Settings Presented by Mary Libbey Bowen, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Nursing University of Delaware, 9/22/2022

Prognosis in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Presented by: AnnieMarie Brescia, MD, FAACP, FACR, Nemours Children’s Hospital, 4/28/2022

Exploring the All of Us Research Hub Presented by: Minnkyong Lee, PhD, Hiral Master, PT, PhD, MPTh, MPH, CPH, Vanderbilt University Program Office, National Institute of Health 4/14/2022

Does Increased Use of Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Have Unintended Costs? Presented by Katie Fitzpatrick, PhD, University of Delaware, 11/11/21

Delaware Medicaid Research Presented by Mary Joan McDuffie, University of Delaware, 11/4/21

Getting Started with Teach-Back Presented by Christine Brown, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, OCN, ChristianaCare, 10/29/21

Translating the Science of Child Development into Policy and Practice Using Family Centered Data and Tools Presented by Christina Bethell, PhD, MBA, MPH, Johns Hopkins University, 6/18/21

Through the Lens of Trauma: Approach to Stress, Violence and Adversity Presented by Theodore Corbin, MD, MPP, Drexel University, 6/11/2021

Balancing Cost Against the Price of Missing Child Physical Abuse Presented by Stephanie Deutsch, MD, MS FAAP, Nemours, 3/26/2021

Medications for Opioid Addiction Behind Bars: Insights from the Delaware Department of Correction Presented by Brendan Saloner, PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 3/19/2021

Parkinson’s Disease Etiology and Subtypes Presented by Justin Martello, MD, Christiana Care, 6/20/20

Recovery of Functional Mobility After Stroke Presented by Darcy Reisman, PhD, PT, University of Delaware, 2/28/20

An Innovative Application of Checklists to Ensure Safety Presented by Jennifer Taylor, PhD, MPH, CPPS, Drexel University, 2/14/20

Elucidating modifiable risk factors for adverse prostate cancer outcomes and strategies for improving survival Presented by Saira Khan, PhD, MPH, University of Delaware, 1/24/20

Health Care Utilization by Patients with Sickle Cell Disease in Delaware Presented by Stephanie Guarino, MD, Nemours, Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, 10/19/18

Behavioral Economic Insights into Physician Tobacco Treatment Decision Making Presented by Frank Leone, MD, MS, University of Pennsylvania, 9/28/18

Social Media-Based Parenting Intervention for Postpartum Depression Presented by James Guevara, MD, MPH, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 9/21/18

Firearm Violence in Wilmington Presented by David Chen, MD, MPH, Christiana Care, 7/27/18

Rethinking the Consumer’s Diabetic Journey Presented by Vishal Patel, MD, MBA, FAAP, FACP, Christiana Care, 6/15/18

Zeroing in on Ovarian Cancer Presented by Ronny Drapkin, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 5/18/18

Weight Stigma and Health: Implications for Clinical Care Presented by Rebecca Pearl, PhD, University of Pennsylvania, 5/11/18

Team Building and Translational Science: Chemistry, Biomaterials, and Improving Recovery after Vascular Surgery Presented by Rob Akins, PhD, FAHA, FAACPDM, Nemours, Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, 2/23/18

Improving Perinatal Outcomes through Research Presented by Matthew Hoffman, MD, MPH, Christiana Care, 2/16/18

Ongoing Issues in Kidney Transplantation Presented by Velma Scantlebury, MD, FACS, Christiana Care, 2/9/18

Adolescent/Young Adult Sickle Cell Disease: A Population Health Approach Presented by Stephanie Guarino, MD, Nemours, Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, 1/12/18

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