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The overall goal of the Administrative Core is to further increase the productivity and impact of each of ACCEL’s components and contribute to the overall IDeA-CTR goals.

Specific Aims

  1. Provide a flexible and efficient administrative and governance structure that ensures sound fiscal management and compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and promotes collaboration and open communication across all ACCEL components, participating institutions, and other IDeA programs within Delaware and across the nation; View our organizational chart here.
  2. Facilitate the recruitment of outstanding clinical and translational faculty to each institution; View the scholars here.
  3. Monitor the progress model of each component and take appropriate steps to ensure the overall success of the ACCEL program; and
  4. Work with the NIGMS program staff and the other CTR programs to ensure that ACCEL effectively contributes to the National IDeA-CTR goals.

The Administrative Core has provided the infrastructure and resources to allow each of the components to make substantial and meaningful progress. We have built strong partnerships across institutions based on mutual respect and common interests. We are excited to continue to work together to grow the ACCEL Program over the next five years.