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ARPA-H Funding Opportunity for Women’s Health

ARPH-H Sprint for Women’s Health

ARPA-H recently launched the Sprint for Women’s Health which commits $100 million towards transformative research and development in women’s health. 

On March 1, 2024, ARPA-H released the Sprint for Women’s Health’s new request for solutions (RFS) funding opportunity, which seeks unconventional approaches and innovative new avenues to push high-impact biomedical research forward to improve women’s health outcomes.   

The ARPA-H Sprint for Women’s Health will use two funding tracks to foster transformative research and development efforts, one for early-stage research, or “Spark” solutions and the other for later-stage development, or “LaunchPad” solutions. With these two tracks, ARPA-H seeks to lower barriers of entry for a diverse range of participants, with a simplified submission process of an abstract followed by a pitch session.   

The Sprint for Women’s Health will accept proposals related to the following topic areas:

  • Women’s Health Topic 01: Women’s Health at Home
  • Women’s Health Topic 02: Preserving Ovarian Health Through Mid-Life to Prevent Disease
  • Women’s Health Topic 03: ARTEMIS – Advancing Research Through Enhanced Models for Investigating the Influence of Sex Differences on Health Outcomes
  • Women’s Health Topic 04: Advancing Women’s Brain Health Via Lymphatic Targeting
  • Women’s Health Topic 05: Objective and Quantitative Measurement of Chronic Pain in Women
  • Women’s Health Topic 06: Wild Card: Revolutionary Breakthroughs in Women’s Health

Multiple awards under this RFS are anticipated. Resources available will depend on the quality of the submissions received and the availability of funds. Exact award amounts depend on meeting aggressive milestones, typical to the ARPA-H model. 

More information on the ARPA-H Women’s Sprint for Health can be found on their website.

Those interested in submitting to the RFS should read the draft RFS.

Additionally, you can read more about the ARPA-H Women’s Sprint for Health in our Press Release.

Key Dates

  • Submissions open on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, and will be accepted through Friday, April 12, 2024 at 5pm.
  • Any questions about the RFS can be submitted via their contact form by March 27, 2024, at 5pm.