The purpose of this survey is to gather information about swimming experiences and people with disabilities, individuals who are Deaf, and those with visual impairments in the United States.

Thank you for agreeing to be part of our survey to identify the collective experiences of people with disabilities, their families/caregivers, and aquatic instructors, regarding participation in, and access to, swimming and aquatic opportunities in the United States, including its territories. We are asking you to read each question and click on or type in, the answer that most represents your experience.

The results of this study will inform the national governing bodies of swimming and water safety in the USA, regarding what people with disabilities, those who are Deaf, their families, and aquatic instructors feel about swim experiences (even if you don't swim, please fill out those parts, as we want to understand why!)

This information is confidential and anonymous, and we will not be using your name in any publications regarding this process. If you want to know the results of this information, please include your email at the end of the survey.

By responding to this survey, you are giving us permission to use this information to guide our recommendations and share our findings in articles.

If you have any questions regarding your participation in this study please contact the principal investigator, Dr. Knolan Rawlins, at or Ms. Chanel Haman in the Office of Sponsored Programs at 302.857.6834 or at

Thank you,

Dr. Knolan Rawlins. Dr. Monica Lepore
Dr. Maria Lepore-Stevens, Dr. Angela Beale-Tawfeeq
Diversity in Aquatics-Adapted Aquatics Council

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