N3C launches new Public Health Answers to Speed Tractable Results (PHASTR) questions

The National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) is a secure platform through which the harmonized clinical data provided by contributing members is stored. The N3C has recently launched a new program called Public Health Answers to Speed Tractable Results (PHASTR). This program is designed to quickly address high-impact questions that can be answered with N3C data. These questions will be identified by N3C and NIH leadership, and proposals to address them within the N3C Data Enclave will be open for a short time for each. Successful proposals will be awarded a short-term contract and will be expected to produce quantitative answers within a given time frame.

The N3C Public Health Answers to Speed Tractable Results, or PHASTR, works through a subcontract mechanism ($50,000). Proposals to address questions will be submitted to NCATS’ primary contractor, Axle Informatics, from the N3C platform. Teams with successful proposals will work through Axle (as a subcontractor) to complete the work.​

Open Questions – Applications due July 31, 2023

  • Does metformin show a reduction of severe outcomes of COVID-19 or of Long COVID in the N3C Data Enclave?
  • Does molnupiravir show a reduction of severe outcome of COVID-19 in the N3C Data Enclave?

If you have questions, want assistance accessing the N3C Data Enclave, or would like help developing a research project that utilizes the Enclave, please complete a DE-CTR BERD request. You will need an ACCEL account to submit a request. If you don’t have one, you will be able to create one when you click the link.

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