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Make Your Research More Impactful with Community Engaged Research

Community Engaged Research (CEnR) is the philosophy of engaging the community in the research being conducting.

CEnR can be incorporated across the continuum of research from less intensive involvement to more intensive involvement. CEnR requires academic members to become partners with the community and community members to become part of the research team; thereby, creating a unique working and learning environment before, during and after the research.

Community Engaged Research can:

  • Find solutions for health disparities
  • Invoke social change
  • Improve wellness
  • Address community health concerns
  • Create lasting research partnerships
  • Benefit special interests of specific groups
  • Build the research infrastructure and network in an area

Helpful Tools

Dr. Heather Bittner Fagan, ACCEL Program Community Engagement and Outreach Core Lead, discusses Community Engaged Research (CEnR) and how researchers can add the community voice to their work.