Funding Opportunity from Delaware INBRE for Medicaid data projects

The Delaware INBRE Centralized Shared Resources Core is opening applications for projects that require access to Medicaid data.

Core Facility Vouchers in the amount of $8,000 per project are available to provide access to Medicaid data. Funding is available to support up to 3 projects in the current funding cycle.

The topics of the Medicaid research should be in areas of priority for the Delaware Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance (DMMA) listed below:

  • Maternal / child health
    • Pregnancy
    • Birth outcomes
  • Pediatric Populations
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Behavioral Health

Submission of project topic deadline: June 6.
Full submission deadline: June 13 by 5 p.m.

Prior to submitting your final proposal by June 13, the following must be completed by June 6:

  • Please contact Mary Joan McDuffie ( or Katie Gifford ( at the Center for Community Research & Service (CCRS). CCRS houses the University’s Medicaid data and will review your proposal to determine whether the variables are available and analysis you wish to undertake is possible with the claims data.
  • Submission of Project Topic: Please send a paragraph briefly describing the focus of the project (1/2 page) to Ms. McDuffie or Dr. Gifford who will forward it to Delaware Division of Medicaid and Medical Assistance (DMMA) for approval to move forward with the full application. Approval of a project topic does not constitute funding approval.
  • Once the topic is approved, please communicate with CCRS about the variables and elements in the Medicaid claims which should be included in your proposal.
  • Then, begin to complete your full application and submit via Piestar.

Post Voucher Requirements

If your proposal is approved for funding, it will be incorporated into a Project Agreement which will be submitted to DMMA for final approval. The project agreement will be signed by the Director of DMMA and the University of Delaware’s Research Office. If the research submitting the proposal is a UD employee, their signature will be included on the project agreement. If not a UD employee, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed between Delaware INBRE, CCRS, and the researcher’s institution. The researcher will agree not to use the data for any other project without approval from DMMA.

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