Deploying AI/ML Solutions for Clinical Trials Recruitment in High Value Care

May 7, 2020 from 12:00-1:00pm
Virtual Presentation through BlueJeans

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As the health care industry is focusing towards value-based medicine for improved length of life and/or increasing the quality-of-life experienced by patients, physicians/clinical investigators play crucial roles in moving healthcare system toward high value care (from patient outcomes to safety and satisfaction) by minimizing low-value care and focusing on care that is high value and necessary. Investigators recruit human participants with predetermined characteristics, govern treatments(s), and collect safety and efficacy data, play a vital role in the new drug development in health care. Thus, prioritizing top-enrolling clinical investigators is critical for effective faster site identification, shortened trial timelines, and clinical trial execution and is one of the major drivers of drug development cost. To this end, we implemented an ecosystem of machine learning (ML) models to predict investigators’ likelihood of success. Our models assess investigators’ quality and clinical trial experiences at IQVIA, and appropriateness to participate in studies based on specialty and trial experiences. These ML enabled data-driven insights increased enrollment rate for investigator/site selection. We observed up to 22% faster enrollment possible across the entire portfolio, across indications and geographies. ML Algorithms combined with process improvements yield substantial time savings , e.g. site selection timeline reduced by 50% (60 to 30 days).

Virtual Presentation – Please RSVP 

Dr. Parth Patel currently works as a Senior Data Scientist at IQVIA in clinical trial realm, leading data-driven solutions ranging from physician and patient recruitment to forecasting cost of clinical trials using real-world healthcare data (i.e., EHR, Rx, Dx, Citeline,, CTMS, etc.) leveraging AI/ML approaches. Prior to joining IQVIA, Dr. Patel has Undergraduate and Master’s degree in Computer Science from Delaware State University. He received his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology from University of Delaware (in 2019), where he utilized multi-modal genomics data and ML techniques to identity bio-markers responsible for plant reproduction.

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