Career Development

In order to continue to grow and expand the success of the research community, we need to focus on the career development of all levels of researchers.  Our Career Development program will strive to help junior investigators navigate the unique world of research while also providing our senior mentors access to libraries and tools that will help them with the cultivation of the young research community.

One unique opportunity is available with the Mentored Research Development Award program.  The principal goal of the MRDA program is to improve the success of grant submissions from junior faculty.  To accomplish this objective, MRDA Scholars will work with their chosen mentor(s) to achieve milestones associated with the preparation of a targeted grant application.  To assure preparation of a highly-competitive grant submission, MRDA Scholars will take advantage of extensive ACCEL resources.  These include grant writing workshops and mentoring support offered through the PD-Core and biostatistics and study design consultations with experts from the ACCEL BERD Core.

In order for one to focus on their career path, they need to map out goals and specific ways to achieve them.  Our Individual Development Plan will help mentees focus on specific core areas and develop steps to achieve their goals.  They can utilize this tool with their mentor to help them grow in their successes and career achievements and revisit the tool as often as needed.

The ACCEL M/AC (Mentoring and Advisory Council) has been established to help young and mid-career investigators get their grants funded and publications accepted in top journals.  When a junior investigator presents in front of the M/AC, they will be asked to describe their research strategy/plan and answer questions from senior mentors.  The senior mentors will provide feedback on the proposed research and help connect the junior investigator with any resources they might need to move ahead. If you are interested in presenting in front of the ACCEL M/AC please contact Erin Riegel.

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